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A full range of AI products, integrated Q&A + drawing + guide + video + document upload dialog and other functions! Support networking features, support for contextual dialog, support for fuzzy matching custom reply messages, support for registration configuration custom gift amount, support for generating exclusive invitation code to invite both users to get the amount together!

Penetrating Intelligence ShirtAI - AI Q&A

Reasons to choose us

What makes us different

technological lead

Knowledge-enhanced large models with a unified paradigm to support multiple types of downstream tasks Advanced parallelization strategies to support large model training, compression and deployment Controllable and trustworthy language comprehension and generation capabilities

Low threshold and easy to use

A line of code to invoke the service, a key to automatically fine-tune the model, a small amount of data to complete the landing of multi-scene AI applications

Full Scene Coverage

Support dialog interaction, free Q&A, copywriting and other capabilities Covering the fields of energy, finance, aerospace, industry, media, etc.

real and actionable

Provide enterprise-level one-stop customer service, and open up the four-layer architecture of chip+platform+model+application; jointly realize end-to-end application landing with multiple partners.

Penetrating Intelligence ShirtAI- AI Painting/Art Creation

AI Painting

Build your personalized portfolio

Support, graphs, text, mixed graphs, local changes and other functions

Just three simple steps

1. Enter text

2. Select a template or model

3. Waiting for generation

Usage Scenarios

Numerous usage scenarios that will disrupt the QR code and art lettering experience

microchip code

Personalized WeChat Codes to Make a Difference

payee code

Enhancement of business or personal brand image


Enhancing uniqueness and redefining a brand's digital identity

personalized business card

Overhaul Your Business Cards to Make a Lasting Impression

website traffic

Personalized Website Leads to Increase Click-Through Rates

Advertising ROI

Increase advertising engagement and ROI

invitation letter

Eye-catching invitations for a great first impression

order food by scanning a code

Personalize your order to highlight the tone of your restaurant

Product Packaging

Artistic product information and descriptions to improve conversion

Exhibition guide

Personalized exhibition guided tours to enhance the exhibition experience

QR code for anti-counterfeiting

Personalized anti-counterfeiting traceability for brand protection


More scenes for you to discover

Penetrating Intelligence ShirtAI - PDF Conversation

Permeable Intelligence ShirtAI - Music/Video Generation

Penetrating Intelligence ShirtAI - Cloud Guided Mapping

Start experiencing customized large models

Provide multiple capabilities including language comprehension, knowledge quiz, code writing, logical reasoning, mathematical problem solving, etc., and continue to learn and evolve from massive amounts of data and knowledge